Guttenberg: An Expert on Financial Crises

Guttenberg: An Expert on Financial Crises? (Source Between January 16 and 18, St. Moritz, Switzerland, hosted the 2019 Crypto Finance Conference. The event, which focuses on the financial system of the future, hosted some of the world’s most high-profile investors. One of the conference’s keynote speakers was Germany’s former economics minister and defense minister, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg. The Crypto Finance Conference website states that the event offers attendees “educational keynotes by industry experts, insightful panel discussions about current and future trends, as well as unique networking opportunities.” Cryptocurrency is one of the world’s emerging technologies. Some expect it to transform business transactions as we know them.

Guttenberg is seen by many as an expert in the field. His understanding of politics and digital trends, plus the influence he holds in Europe, have earned him considerable respect. Guttenberg is regularly invited to speak about global trends. His keynote speech on January 17 is worth paying particular attention to. The title of his speech was “Blockchain and Geopolitics: A Powder Keg or a Solution for Global Crisis?

Financial technology experts believe that blockchain technology will transform the world’s banking. Financial visionaries of the world believe that whoever gains the upper hand in the development of this technology may soon lead the world into a transformed future.

Guttenberg believes the same and has promoted the technology as one of the solutions to Europe’s crisis. He believes that if Europe takes the leading role in digitalization, it could soon lead the whole world and solve the global geopolitical crisis.

A looming financial crisis currently threatens the world. If America continues on its current course, it is only a matter of time before another financial collapse occurs. This would throw Europe into a massive financial crisis.

But new financial technologies could enable Europe to create a financial system that operates independently from the U.S., saving Europe from financial crisis.

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