The Real ‘Bombshell’: France and Germany United

The Real ‘Bombshell’: France and Germany United (Source American journalists love to report “bombshells.” Bombshell news about a celebrity. Bombshell news about a “miracle cure.” Bombshell news about President Donald Trump. But there was a much bigger bombshell on January 22, and most journalists didn’t even notice that it had gone off!

The biggest bombshell of January was the Aachen Treaty.

The Times of London reported that the January 22 treaty includes “shared defense, foreign and economic policies in an unprecedented ‘twinning’ pact regarded as a prototype for the future of the European Union.”

In some of the most important aspects of national power, France is bolting itself to Germany. And people think that other EU nations should do the same.

The Times wrote that the treaty enables Germany and France “to present a united diplomatic front and act jointly in peacekeeping missions. … Some officials regard these experiments as a petri dish for the integration of the EU.”

This is a real bombshell! Europe’s second-most powerful nation is giving its power over to Europe’s most powerful nation, and this might be just the beginning.

The Aachen Treaty does not shy away from the issue of military cooperation. After signing the treaty, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said its provisions will build a “common military culture” between France and Germany and “contribute to the creation of a European army.” French President Emmanuel Macron said, “[A]uthoritarian powers are emerging everywhere … let’s build a real European army to protect ourselves and have a real foreign policy.”

The treaty also contains a mutual defense clause. If either France or Germany is attacked, the other nation will come to its defense. The nato alliance, which includes the United States, already provides these two nations with guaranteed defense in case of attack. So why are they making an independent agreement about it? The treaty indicates that these two countries are already looking past nato. If America pulls out of nato or the agreement otherwise falls apart, Europe will have to protect itself without American firepower.


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