Between US, Russia & China, Is it Cold War-II already?

Between US, Russia & China, Is it Cold War-II already? (Source Mother of All Bombs (MOAB) strike by the United States on ISIS terrorists in Afghanistan has triggered suggestions that a second round of the Cold War is set to begin. Particularly as the new US President, Donald Trump, seems to be brash, abrasive and capable of taking action without thinking of consequences. In fact, the Second Cold War, or Cold War-II, has been in the making due to the rise of Islamic terrorism from Pakistan and Afghanistan to the Middle East, drawing inevitable military interventions by the major powers. Then there is Russia’s anger at the US-led bombings in Syria where it wants President Bashar Assad to stay, and China’s attempts to annex most of the South China Sea and also the acquisition of Pakistan’s Arabian Sea port of Gwadar for 40 or more years, as a strategic naval base with its operational Command and Control lying with Beijing.

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