Russian Navy reveals world’s BIGGEST nuclear submarine with 20 Missiles

Russian Navy reveals world’s BIGGEST nuclear submarine with TWENTY missile launchers (Source
The war ship, named Belgorod or Project 09852, will outperform the nuclear-powered Typhoon missile cruiser Project 941, which is currently the largest nuclear submarine in the world.
Belgorod is equipped with 20 launchers for ballistic missiles, each with 10 nuclear warheads. The submarine Project 09852 will be made to carry out research missions and to carry uninhabited deep-sea vehicles as well as specialist scientific equipment.
Its mission will be to study the bottom of the Russian Arctic shelf, searching for minerals and laying underwater communications.
Professor Vadim Kozyulin, of the Academy of Military Sciences, said: “It will transport and install autonomous nuclear submarine modules designed to charge uninhabited submarines on the seabed.
“The submarine will ensure the deployment of a global underwater monitoring system, which the military is building on the bottom of the Arctic waters.”IGG

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