Assad moves warplanes to Russian airbases after crippling US strikes

Assad moves warplanes to Russian airbases after crippling US strikes (Source
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had moved most of his combat aircraft to Russian airbases in an attempt to protect them from a further US attack, say reports. The move follows the crippling US  east-4-syrian-soldiers-killed-us-missile-attack-observer-group-saysAt least 4 Syrian soldiers killed in US missile attack, observer group says assault on the Shayrat airbase two weeks ago which destroyed around 20% of the regime’s operational warplanes, according to US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis. The US cruise missile strike was in retaliation for a suspected sarin attack that was unleashed on the”“Heartbroken Syrian father pictured cradling twins lost 25 relatives in Idlib gas attack rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun on Tuesday (4 April) that killed 89 people. The Syrian government has repeatedly denied involvement in the alleged dropping of nerve gas on the rebel-held town in Idlib.
However, the US administration has affirmed that the 59 Tomahawks fired at the base was the correct response to the alleged chemical attack, and has reiterated that they may do the same again in the face of a further chemical attack. Fearing such further strikes, the Syrian regime have now moved many of their working combat aircraft to the Hmeimim airbase and the nearby Bassel al-Assad international airport in Latakia, reports The Times. The base, in a coastal Assad stronghold, is one of many used by Russians for their operations in the country targeting Isis and rebels, a US official told CNN.

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