Between US, Russia & China, Is it Cold War-II already?

Between US, Russia & China, Is it Cold War-II already? (Source Mother of All Bombs (MOAB) strike by the United States on ISIS terrorists in Afghanistan has triggered suggestions that a second round of the Cold War is set to begin. Particularly as the new US President, Donald Trump, seems to be brash, abrasive and capable of taking action without thinking of consequences. In fact, the Second Cold War, or Cold War-II, has been in the making due to the rise of Islamic terrorism from Pakistan and Afghanistan to the Middle East, drawing inevitable military interventions by the major powers. Then there is Russia’s anger at the US-led bombings in Syria where it wants President Bashar Assad to stay, and China’s attempts to annex most of the South China Sea and also the acquisition of Pakistan’s Arabian Sea port of Gwadar for 40 or more years, as a strategic naval base with its operational Command and Control lying with Beijing.

REVEALED: How Vladimir Putin will bring down Trump and END war with U.S.

REVEALED: How Vladimir Putin will bring down Trump and END war with US (Source Relations between Moscow and Washington have turned sour since Trump launched a missile strike on a Syrian airbase last month. It was thought their relationship may improve after Trump appeared to be cosying up to Vladimir Putin. But the honeymoon was over after Moscow warned of “grave consequences” for “global security” if Trump signs off more military action in Syria. Now a Kremlin official has revealed how Russia intends to bring an end to US “aggression around the world”. Sergey Glazyev told TASS that Russia and China could bring the US military to its knees if it ditched the dollar. He said: “The more aggressive the Americans are, the sooner they will see the final collapse of the dollar and by getting rid of the dollar this would be the only way for victims of American aggression to stop this onslaught. “As soon as we and China dump the dollar, it will be the end of the US’ military might. Mr Glazyev claims that Trump is being used as a puppet by the ruling elite.He said: “I had no illusions about him, that he would change policy.“First, America’s aggression around the world is rooted in the aspiration to preserve America’s hegemony in a situation when they have already ceded leadership in the economy to China.”

Russian Navy reveals world’s BIGGEST nuclear submarine with 20 Missiles

Russian Navy reveals world’s BIGGEST nuclear submarine with TWENTY missile launchers (Source
The war ship, named Belgorod or Project 09852, will outperform the nuclear-powered Typhoon missile cruiser Project 941, which is currently the largest nuclear submarine in the world.
Belgorod is equipped with 20 launchers for ballistic missiles, each with 10 nuclear warheads. The submarine Project 09852 will be made to carry out research missions and to carry uninhabited deep-sea vehicles as well as specialist scientific equipment.
Its mission will be to study the bottom of the Russian Arctic shelf, searching for minerals and laying underwater communications.
Professor Vadim Kozyulin, of the Academy of Military Sciences, said: “It will transport and install autonomous nuclear submarine modules designed to charge uninhabited submarines on the seabed.
“The submarine will ensure the deployment of a global underwater monitoring system, which the military is building on the bottom of the Arctic waters.”IGG

Border Lawmakers Balk at Donald Trump’s Wall Request

Border Lawmakers Balk at Donald Trump’s Wall Request(Source
Not a single member of Congress who represents the territory on the southwest border said they support President Donald Trump’s request for $1.4 billion to begin construction of his promised wall, according to a Wall Street Journal survey, testing the administration’s ability to reach a deal on government funding next week.
Most lawmakers representing the region—both Democrats and Republicans—said they are opposed and many said they have unanswered questions. A few were noncommittal, but not a single member of the House or Senate representing the region said they supported the funding request. That includes nine members of the House and eight senators across four states: Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. The question is increasingly urgent as Congress and the White House scramble to agree on a spending bill needed to keep the government open. Existing funding for the government expires on April 28, and the White House says it wants funding for the border wall as part of the package.
Senior congressional Republicans have long indicated that they prefer to leave it out. That is partly because Senate Democrats are opposed, and their votes will be needed because most legislation requires 60 votes to clear the chamber, where Republicans hold 52 seats. Congressional Republicans have said they don’t want to risk the partial government shutdown that such a showdown could trigger.

Assad moves warplanes to Russian airbases after crippling US strikes

Assad moves warplanes to Russian airbases after crippling US strikes (Source
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had moved most of his combat aircraft to Russian airbases in an attempt to protect them from a further US attack, say reports. The move follows the crippling US  east-4-syrian-soldiers-killed-us-missile-attack-observer-group-saysAt least 4 Syrian soldiers killed in US missile attack, observer group says assault on the Shayrat airbase two weeks ago which destroyed around 20% of the regime’s operational warplanes, according to US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis. The US cruise missile strike was in retaliation for a suspected sarin attack that was unleashed on the”“Heartbroken Syrian father pictured cradling twins lost 25 relatives in Idlib gas attack rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun on Tuesday (4 April) that killed 89 people. The Syrian government has repeatedly denied involvement in the alleged dropping of nerve gas on the rebel-held town in Idlib.
However, the US administration has affirmed that the 59 Tomahawks fired at the base was the correct response to the alleged chemical attack, and has reiterated that they may do the same again in the face of a further chemical attack. Fearing such further strikes, the Syrian regime have now moved many of their working combat aircraft to the Hmeimim airbase and the nearby Bassel al-Assad international airport in Latakia, reports The Times. The base, in a coastal Assad stronghold, is one of many used by Russians for their operations in the country targeting Isis and rebels, a US official told CNN.

President Trump Wants to Meet Pope Francis during his Europe Trip

President Trump Wants to Meet Pope Francis During His Europe Trip in May (Source The White House has expressed hope of a meeting between Pope Francis and President Donald Trump when the latter visits Europe next month. “Obviously, we’d be honored to have an audience with His Holiness,” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters at Wednesday’s press briefing, the Wall Street Journal  HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” reports. Trump’s European itinerary will incorporate a NATO summit in Brussels and the G-7 Summit in Sicily, according to statements issued by the White House earlier this year. However, Spicer’s remarks are the first official signal that Trump would follow in the footsteps of every U.S. President from Dwight D. Eisenhower to Barack Obama in meeting the Pope at the Vatican (Woodrow Wilson was the first U.S. President to meet the Pope in 1919.)The prospect of Trump’s papal meeting had been in doubt following an  HYPERLINK “” exchange of barbs between them in the run up to the 2016 presidential election. In February last year, Pope Francis said the then Republican candidate’s Mexican border wall plans made him “not a Christian.” Trump, in turn, called the Pope’s questioning of his faith “disgraceful.” Following the White House’s statement, Archbishop Angelo Becciu, whose role in the Holy See is similar to that of a vice deputy prime minster, told the Italian news agency ANSA: “Pope Francis is always ready to receive heads of state who request an audience.”

Exxon Mobil seeking feds’ Ok to restart huge Russian oil venture around Black Sea

AP: Exxon Mobil seeking feds’ OK to restart huge Russian oil venture around Black Sea (Source Exxon Mobil is seeking permission from the U.S. government for approval to resume drilling around the Black Sea with a Russian partner, state-owned Rosneft, according to a person familiar with the matter. The oil giant’s request is being reviewed by the Trump administration and is certain to draw extra scrutiny because it involves a company formerly run by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who cultivated close ties with Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin. The drilling venture was blocked when the U.S. imposed sanctions on Russia in 2014. Exxon applied to the Treasury Department for a waiver from the sanctions in 2015, during the Obama administration, according to the person, who spoke anonymously because the application process is confidential. Exxon has publicly disclosed licenses for other work in Russia that required waivers. An Exxon spokesman said the company declined to comment on ongoing issues. The Treasury Department, which would handle Exxon’s application to drill around the Black Sea, did not respond to a request for comment. A State Department spokesman said Tillerson has  HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” recused himself from any matters involving Exxon for two years and is not involved with any decision involving the company before any government agency. Tillerson  HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” retired as Exxon CEO at the end of last year. He has known Putin for about two decades – the Russian president awarded Tillerson a special honor in 2013.

Solar flare spewing from mega hole in the Sun could cause blackout mayhem

Solar flare spewing from mega hole in the Sun could cause blackout mayhem (Source Super-charged solar winds flowing from the Sun’s atmosphere are expected to reach Earth on April 23 or 24. According to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, this could whip up a “moderately strong” geomagnetic storm. Solar flares shoot charged particles which can reach as far as Earth. Our planet has a natural protection against them, including our magnetic field and an atmosphere that blocks most. But they can directly affect communications and radio transmissions, sparking concerns that they could wreak havoc on modern civilization. They are also particularly dangerous for airline pilots and astronauts, who could be susceptible to radiation during a storm. One of the most spectacular consequences is an aurora, like the Northern Lights. When the charged particles hit our magnetic field, their glow is turned into the colourful streaks seen across the sky. These kinds of storms are behind the  HYPERLINK “” beautiful natural phenomenon, the Northern Lights. But a storm of this magnitude could have an effect on power grids and navigation systems across the Earth’s surface. G2 storms affect plane and military radio systems, spacecraft operations and could trigger voltage alarms or cause equipment damage in power systems. Scientists are growing increasingly concerned over the effect a solar explosion, flare or storm could have on humanity.

Operation Gotham Shield: U.S. Gov’t To “Simulate Nuke Blast over NY

Operation Gotham Shield: U.S. Gov’t To “Simulate Nuke Blast Over Manhattan” (Source
A general alert is out for something major in the near or immediate future. Hopefully, it is just another false alarm, instead of another false flag. Either way, danger is at hand. Given all that is going on in the world, it is downright eerie to discover that the federal government is once again staging mock disasters that draw disturbing parallels with current world events. It is a tabletop, joint agency exercise involving FEMA, Homeland Security and a myriad of law enforcement and military agencies. WMD, chemical and biological units will all be on hand as a response is tested for a “simulated” nuclear detonation over the United States’ foremost urban center, in the iconic and densely populated island of Manhattan and nearby shores of New Jersey. On April 18th thru May 5th, 2017, state, local, and federal organizations alike are planning for Operation Gotham Shield 2017 — a major nuclear detonation drill in the New York-New Jersey area, along with the U.S.-Canadian border. During this exercise, 4 nuclear devices, 2 of which are rendered “safe” during the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) Vital Archer Exercise, and one successful 10kt detonation in the NYC/NJ area, along with one smaller detonation on the U.S./Canadian border are to take place. Will anything catastrophic happen during or after that window of time? Will North Korea really attack the U.S. mainland? Will someone else do so, and blame their overseas enemies? No one who knows the answers to these questions is willing to talk. For now, all we can do is watch, wait and listen. Don’t jump to fear and speculation, but don’t lie down or look away either. These will be trying times.

US Submarine arrives in South Korea as North carries out ‘largest artillery drill

US submarine arrives in South Korea as North carries out ‘largest ever artillery drill’ (Source Yahoo)
US submarine has arrived in South Korea as fears of North Korean nuclear test escalated, weeks after Donald Trump sent a warship to the Korean Peninsula. USS Michigan, an Ohio-class nuclear-powered submarine, arrived at a naval base in Busan, and will join an incoming group of warships led by aircraft carrier Carl Vinson. According to reports, North Korea has marked the 85th anniversary of its army by staging its largest-ever artillery firing drill to mark the occasion. “There is no limit to the strike power of the People’s Army armed with our style of cutting-edge military equipment including various precision and miniaturized nuclear weapons and submarine-launched ballistic missiles,” the country’s stage-controlled Rodong Sinmun newspaper said in a front-page editorial. The move comes following rising tensions between the US and North Korea, as each side up its rhetoric in recent weeks.